Taksham Tulku Rinpoche

Nyingmapa Taksham Buddhist Center

The Nyingmapa Taksham Buddhist Center of Minnesota was founded in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, as an educational and religious nonprofit to serve the needs of the Tibetan and American Buddhist communities. The center opened on April 24, 2016.

The Spiritual Director, Taksham Tulku Rinpoche, is the first reincarnation (tulku) recognized in Minnesota.

At this time, Taksham Tulku is receiving a traditional Tibetan Buddhist education, as well as studying in the local school system. As he is fluent in both Tibetan and English, he will be able to serve both the Tibetan and American communities after he has completed both his education in the Buddhadharma and in traditional western subjects.

While Rinpoche is completing his education, the center is under the direction of his father, Dorje Tsegyal, and the Board of Directors.

Photograph of Taksham Tulku Rinpoche by Ackerman + Gruber


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Taksham Tulku Rinpoche
Nyingmapa Taksham Buddhist Center (NTBC)
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